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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Would you like to be featured on my blog?

Just send me a link to 2 of your best products, a short description of you, your business or art and your links and I will feature you on my Blog.

Just send a request to expressionsbyme@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shameless Pleasures

Shameless Pleasures offer many great handmade Bath & Body products from the finest ingredients. Shameless has homemade bath soaps, lotions, massage oils, scrubs, foaming bath whips, highly scented tarts & much more!

For those of you who have not tried homemade soaps & bath products, you definately do not know what your missing.
One you try these products, you will never buy store bought products again. To see more great handmade products from Shameless Pleasures, go to her Bonanzle Booth.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Most of Jazzy Beads' beading creations are with Swarovski crystals, gemstone, glass and sterling silver beads. All of her metals or findings are sterling silver.
Jazzy makes some of the finest creations from upscale highend jewelry to beautiful costume jewelry.
Jazzy will also custom make to your needs and wants. Visit Jazzy Beads at her Bonanzle Shop


Sandy, owner of Gingham Country makes handmade shams and decorated towels from designer fabric.
Since a 16" designer pillow can cost as much as $80, Sandy's hand made sham sets of 2 at $24.00 are quite a bargain! As well as the accent shams, she also makes larger shams; Standard, King and Euro shams. Sandy's decorated hand towels are a lovely accent for that Co-ordinated designer bedroom or boudoir.

Ralph Lauren "Isle Capri" Fabric.
Visit Gingham Country at her Ecrater Store

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mamas Creations Handmade Soaps

Look at these luscious looking soaps by Mamas Creations.
Mamas Soaps make for a simply luscious and releaxing bath, using only the best natural items.
To see more of Mamas Soaps, visit her Bonanzle booth here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ellen's Flea Market - Handmade Quality at Flea Market Prices.

Don’t let the name fool ya! Ellen is a fine handcrafter that makes fun jewelry for every member of your family.

You can get her quality handmade items at flea market prices, hence the name.
To see more of her talented and fun to wear jewelry, visit her Bonanzle booth!

Marina Shafran Artisan Jewelry

Look at this beautiful handmade jewelry. Each piece is professionally handcrafted using skills which took years to master. Every item is created with love and great attention to the details. If you enjoy uniqueness and exceptional craftsmanship along with great quality then you will love wearing artisan handmade jewelry made by Marina Shafran. These valuable adornments will boost your individuality and will last forever! For more of Marina’s beautiful handcrafted works, go here: Marina Shafran Artisan Jewelry

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Handwarmer Winter Scarves. How cool is that????

Handmade In The USA is the home of Handwarmer Pocket Fleece Winter Scarves.

Their extra soft and durable pocket scarf is sure to keep you warm and stylish throughout the cold months ahead. It is designed to keep your hands warm in the pockets at the end of the scarf or keep your keys in the pockets.

Handmade In The USA also handcrafts other fine products such as, earrings, decorated garden gloves, unique handmade Christmas Stockings and more.

To view more of their fine handmade products, go to their Ecrater Store

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Granny’s Hand Embroidered Decorative Pillows

Granny’s decorative bed pillows fit any bedroom d├ęcor, and you would be proud to display them openly.

This one is a beautiful decorative bed pillow with 1 standard size white pillowcase, perfect for a twin bed. It’s embroidered with lovely lavender and yellow lazy daisy flowers in 3 brown baskets.
Granny’s pillows are just too pretty to cover up with a blanket.
To see more of Granny’s talented works and embroidered products, please go to her Ecrater Store.
Granny’s Ecrater Store

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Diaper Cakes Designs - Cakes made out of diapers.

There is more than one way to use a diaper!!!
( Loli Pops made out of diapers)

Michelle, owner of Diaper Cakes Designs, provides quality products and service to all her customers. The baby supplies used to make her diaper cakes are the high quality items she would purchase for her own family & friends.

Diaper Cakes Designs has some of the best prices for high quality diaper cakes available. Diaper Cakes is not a mass producer. Each and every diaper cake is created and designed by Michelle. All diaper cakes are custom handcrafted with love and care. All Diaper Cakes are hand crafted by Michelle!
See other Diaper Cake Designs at her store here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Off Your Rocker - Custom made rocking chairs

Off Your Rocker is the home of quality hand-crafted rocking chairs and accessories.

The designer and handcrafter, Frank Bray, makes all the chairs in his workshop in Belleville, Ontario Canada.

His Rocking Chairs are not mass-produced imports, but individually hand-crafted pieces, made with loving-care just for you!

To see more of Frank's beautiful work, go here!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hand crocheted items by Michelle.
Michelle takes enormous pride in creating her products. She hopes that you will find something in her store that you like. If you want something special and unique, she can fill special orders.

Michelle makes both pet and household items.
You can see more of her work here……

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom Stationery By Judy

When it comes to custom stationery, Judy can do it all!
Stickers, Labels, Stationery, Notecards, Product Tags, Business cards etc.
Judy can make you Invitations, Annoucements, Chirstmas Cards, Any Occassion etc.

Look in all her categories to see what she has made for others.
However she can do just about everything you need.
Contact her here at Bonanzle.

She also has a Christmas booth Check it out.
Christmas Designs By Judy

Sugar Lake Creative Arts Custom Mugs

This crafter makes some really nice custom coffee mugs.
All you have to do is send her a photo via email, and she will make you your very own custom mug for you to cherish.
Check out her custom mugs here

Angel's Lemon Lime Supreme Dishcloths

I love making dishcloths and washcloths!!!!
This style seems to by the most popular style favored by many of my customers.

I call this style "Lemon Lime Supreme" Why? Because it has the colors of lemons and limes.

I have sold over 300 of these handmade dishcloths from around the web, including shows, flea markets and tag sales.

If you would like to purchase my Lemon Lime Supreme dishcloths, you can purchase them here for only $6.00 plus shipping.
My Bonanzle Store